Science Communication Seminar

STEM professionals at office table
NOV 18 | 9AM - 4PM

Morning Seminar: 'Developing Your Message' (9AM-12PM)

'Developing Your Message' is a 3-hour seminar and workshop designed to help STEM professionals develop and articulate compelling messages designed to target the audiences you want to engage. This seminar will guide you through a process to understand your audience, clarify your goals, and craft your message. Whether you are preparing to participate in education outreach, write a blog post, or give a public presentation, this seminar will help you be a more effective communicator.


Afternoon Seminar: 'Data Visualization & Presentation' (1PM-4PM)

'Data Visualization & Presentation' is a 3-hour workshop designed for STEM professionals that will improve your ability to create powerful data-focused presentations. Compelling presentations are an effective tool to influence public and professional knowledge and decision-making. This seminar will introduce you to essential data visualization concepts and provides hands-on training with PowerPoint and Excel. Whether you are designing presentations for internal team meetings or for large professional or public audiences, this seminar will improve your ability to quickly create engaging and persuasive data-focused presentations.


Full-Day Seminar: 'Developing Your Message' plus 'Data Visualization & Presentation' (9AM-4PM)

Take both the morning and afternoon seminars together and save!  Lunch will be provided for all full-day participants.