Science Communication Seminar

STEM professionals at office table
APR 21 | 10AM - 5PM

Morning Seminar: 'Developing Your Message' (10AM-1PM)

'Developing Your Message' is a 3-hour seminar and workshop designed to help STEM professionals develop and articulate compelling messages designed to target the audiences you want to engage. This seminar will guide you through a process to understand your audience, clarify your goals, and craft your message. Whether you are preparing to participate in education outreach, write a blog post, or give a public presentation, this seminar will help you be a more effective communicator.


Afternoon Seminar: 'Science Writing for Public Audiences' (2PM-5PM)

Science writing involves conveying scientific results to broad audiences and promoting scientific literacy.  In this three-hour workshop, you will learn how science writers distill research results into clear, concise text that engages the public. You will develop skills that science writers use, learn how to write articles about a variety of scientific topics, and have the opportunity to ask questions about this increasingly popular profession. You will also get a chance to practice writing brief articles about your own research and receive tips for tailoring your writing for various audiences.  This seminar will be led by Dr. Katherine Kornei, a freelance science writer who has contributed to Wired, Popular Science, Discover, and Astronomy magazines, among others.


Full-Day Seminar: 'Developing Your Message' plus 'Science Writing for Public Audiences' (10AM-5PM)

Take both the morning and afternoon seminars together and save!  Lunch will be provided for all full-day participants