Renee Sills - MFA Thesis & Graduate Lecture

JAN 16, 2018 | 6PM

Renee Sills MFA Thesis & Graduate Lecture
OMSI Planetarium
Free, open to all


6PM-6:20PM - Sound and video screening of selected works 

6:30-7:30PM - Graduate lecture and presentation


Renee will be presenting work and research from the last 3.5 years that she has embarked upon and/or completed through the Art & Social Practice MFA at Portland State University. Included will be her research as Artist in Residence at OMSI 2015-2017, selected works in visual, aural and participatory art, and projects she's undertaken through her two creative businesses - Sola School of Contemplative Arts and Embodied Astrology.


Renee Sills is a multidisciplinary artist, author, astrologer and educator. The throughline of her work is an ongoing investigation of spirituality, mindfulness, creative agency and the adaptive processes of the human body in contemporary landscapes. As an educator, Renee’s unique facilitation style blends embodiment practices (somatics, yoga, dance,) environmental and relational mindfulness, esoteric philosophical study, and creative expression. Renee currently teaches yoga and movement, anatomy, astrology, and contemporary art practices nationally and internationally. She is the author of Embodied Astrology and is a full-time artist based in Portland OR.