Reel Science: Era of Megafires

MAR 16 | 6:30PM


6:30PM | Multi-media Presentation: Wildfire in the West with Paul Hessburg, PhD, EFHR Team Leader & Research Ecologist at the USDA Forest Service

7:30PM | Q&A with the audience


Megafires, wildfires over 100,000 acres, and the destruction caused by them is a serious and growing issue to our region. Our communities, homes, businesses and our very way of life are threatened. If we are going to make effective progress towards increasing fire resiliency, we must increase awareness and stimulate conversation about this important issue across all levels of society. Through education, we firmly believe we can change the way we receive fire and smoke.


The Wildfire Project is a 60-minute, multi-media, traveling presentation hosted by Dr. Paul Hessburg, who has conducted fire and landscape ecology research for more than 27 years.


Please note: We won't be showing an actual film at this event. They are in the process of creating the documentary and the lectures across the country are not only funding the research but some will be included in the documentary.

Watch and learn at The Empirical Theater as OMSI brings the science of documentaries to life on the big screen. Perfect for science and film lovers alike, this monthly series combines the best of Science Pub with the fun of movie night, bringing in experts to amplify your movie-watching experience.  All ages are welcome.


The Empirical Cafe will be open serving hotdogs, grilled cheese, movie snacks plus beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.