OMSI After Dark: It's Alive! (Mind & Body)

APR 25, 2018 | 6-10 PM

Our bodies are trusty vessels carrying us from one destination to the next - find out what makes them tick at OMSI After Dark. 


Shoot off water rockets, concoct chemical creations, and explore the wonders of OMSI with no kids in sight! Enjoy a glass of wine while learning about robots, tornados, or fossils. Talk to a brewer about the science behind beer, or sample products from local artisans.


All that and more with OMSI After Dark, a night at the museum for the 21-and-over crowd filled with food, drink, and science fun!


21+ Only | ID's Required

Due to the popularity of this event, we strongly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance as capacity is limited and may sell out.



OMSI After Dark admission: $15/non-members, $7.50/OMSI Members and FREE for OMSI After Dark Access Pass Holders


Flavor Tripping | What if the world was made of candy? Or, what if it just tasted like it? Sample a tablet that tricks your taste buds and makes sour things sweet! 


Magneto | Come learn the shocking science behind how muscles work! 


Bio-Chem Lab | Let's take a look at the fascinating and sometimes disgusting chemistry that goes on behind the scenes in all of us. 


The Science of Sight | Neurons send information across long distances of the body. Come play plinko to learn how this works in your visual system. 


Viruses! Dead or Alive? | It is debated among scientists whether viruses are dead or alive, or even "undead." Come discuss fascinating facts about viruses and build your own virus particle. 


The Cochlear Jigsaw | Learn the fascinating and unique structure of the inner ear, and discover how it tells different sounds apart. 


The Soundwave of the Future | Learn how scientists research the complex world of hearing. 


Building Immunity | Learn how vaccines are made and how they help protect us! 


Blood Jug | Wanna see a container with twelve and a half pounds of blood in it? Look in the mirror... or come to OMSI and find out all the bloody details! 


DNA Extraction | Your chance to take a first hand look at fundamental blue print that makes you you! 





Microbiome of the Digestive Tract | with Sue Ishaq, PhD, Research Assistant, Professor of Microbial Ecology at the University of Oregon


Intro to Digestion: Bob's Red Mill Cooking School | During this presentation, you will learn what our food does for us and how to craft the perfect meal! We will offer an oatmeal cup building class- teaching the importance of protein, fiber and fat into a well-balanced diet


Music and the Brain | with Brandi Parisi, All Classical Portland


Living With The Stars: How the Human Body is Connected to the Life Cycles of the Earth, the Planets and the Stars | With Karel Schrijver, Author, Astrophysicist, retired Senior Fellow at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center.


RAD Acrobats


Mindfulness & Meditation | Jeffrey Proulx, OHSU


Alzheimers Association
The Cooling Glove
CorePower Yoga
Float On
Grinning Yogi
Imperfect Produce
Olander Earth Works
One with Heart
Sarah Bellum Bakery 



2 Towns Ciderhouse
After Dark Cookies
Elysian Brewing
Full Sail Brewing
iJerky Guy
Johnny's Fine Foods
Portland Bitters Project
Six Stix Gourmet Pretzels
Smith Tea
Upstar Ice Cream 
Water Avenue Coffee
White Claw Hard Seltzer 



Questions? Call 503.797.4642 or email

Ticketing questions call 503.797.4634

For more information about purchasing an OMSI After Dark Access Pass, please email or give us a call at 503.797.4634



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