Building Resilience to Heat Waves and Extreme Precipitation: Preparing for Portland’s Uncertain Future

Portland skyline
SAT | MAY 26

How should Portland build resilience for dealing with weather and climate-related hazards in the coming decades? Apply now to participate in this day-long forum – no prior knowledge needed. 
In this day-long forum participants will:

  • Use visualizations to explore potential vulnerabilities to our infrastructures, social networks, and ecosystems from heat waves and extreme precipitation events.
  • Discuss tradeoffs and uncertainties associated with potential strategies for addressing these threats, focusing on the priorities and needs of relevant stakeholders.
  • Make recommendations for increasing community resilience.

This event is designed to gather the opinions of a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

  • You do not need to have any knowledge about the topic to be selected.
  • A $50 stipend will be provided to participants who attend.

This is a free event; however, attendees must fill out an application beforehand.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. If you already applied, you should be receiving an email shortly with next steps. Thank you for your interest!