2019 Sci-Fi Film Fest

SEP 19 - NOV 9





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OMSI's fifth annual Sci-fi Film Fest is back! 


Experience futuristic dystopias, sinister artificial intelligence, and riveting alien adventures with over 25 of science fiction’s most memorable films. This year's line-up includes classics like Blade Runner, The Matrix, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as well as new favorites like Inception and Interstellar, all on the largest screen in Portland.


FESTIVAL UPDATES (As of November 6)

>Just when you thought the Festival was over... this Saturday night 11/9 the Empirical welcomes the Brad Pitt starrer Ad Astra and admission is free to 2019 Festival pass holders! Thanks for your support!


>For fans of Swedish cinema, a third screening of Aniara has been scheduled for Wednesday, 10/30 at 5:30pm.


>We've added a third screening of Terry Gilliam's classic Time Bandits on Tuesday, 10/22 at 7:00pm. 


>Due to overwhelming demand we are pleased to announce that another screening of the recent anime hit PROMARE have been added to the Festival schedule for Thursday, 10/17 5:00pm (Dub).


> The Fifth Element has now been added to the Festival lineup with the first screening on Saturday 10/19 at 9:30pm.


> A scheduling conflict has obligated us to slightly shift the times for our Friday 10/18 screenings: Time Bandits will now begin at 7:00pm and Arrival will now start at 9:00pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.



Saturday, October 5 | Blue Pill, Red Pill: The Matrix Trilogy | Each attendee to the evening's screenings will receive a free pass to OMSI's new feature exhibition Exquisite Creatures. Limit 1 pass per person. 


Saturday, October 12 | The Star Trek Trilogy: Kelvin Timeline | Attendees to each of the evening's films will receive a pass to OMSI's own star ship, the USS Blueback. Limit 1 pass per person. 


Thursday, October 24, 7:00pm | Reel Eats presents: A Clockwork Orange | with a menu of curated bites matching key moments in the film. Please note: admission to this event is restricted to 175 guests. Tickets are priced at $35 per person or $30 per person for Sci-Fi Film Fest pass holders (limit one ticket per pass holder).


Plan on attending multiple shows or events? Buy an exclusive Festival pass and save! Pass holders receive access to all festival screenings and a discount to our popular Reel Eats experience, a cinematic and culinary convergence. The October 24 Reel Eats features Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.  


Festival passes are priced at:

$30 Adult / $25 Senior (63+) & Youth (3-13)

Add $30 to any pass for admission to the October 24 Reel Eats screening of A Clockwork Orange that includes a curated tasting menu consisting of 10-12 items that accompany the film. 

OMSI members receive $3 off any pass option


PLEASE NOTE: Passes are non-transferable, not applicable to online ticket purchases, and are valid for only one (1) admission per show. Other restrictions may apply. Please call 503-797-4000 for more details.


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Tickets are also available for individual Festival shows as follows: 
$7 Adult / $6 Youth (3-13) & Senior (63+)  
OMSI members receive $1 off


Individual tickets for the October 24 Reel Eats screening of A Clockwork Orange are $35 for all ages.


Both Passes and Tickets may be purchased online at omsi.edu, at the OMSI front desk, or by telephone at 503-797-4000.




Thursday, September 19
6:30pm | Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Passholder bonus screening)  


Friday, September 20
7:00pm | Edge of Tomorrow
9:15pm | The Thing (1982)


Saturday, September 21
5:00pm | 2001: A Space Odyssey
7:45pm | Edge of Tomorrow
9:45pm | Serenity 


Sunday, September 22
6:00pm | Serenity; with a special introduction by Carl Abbott, author and emeritus professor of Urban Studies & Planning at Portland State University.


Tuesday, September 24
7:00pm | The Thing (1982)

Thursday, September 26
6:30pm | 2001: A Space Odyssey

Friday, September 27
6:30pm | Promare
8:30pm | The Man Who Fell To Earth

Saturday, September 28
5:00pm | When Worlds Collide
6:30pm | Interstellar 
9:30pm | Promare

Sunday, September 29
6:00pm | Interstellar


Wednesday, October 2
6:30pm | When Worlds Collide
8:00pm | The Man Who Fell To Earth

Friday, October 4
6:30pm | Escape From New York
8:30pm | Interstellar

Saturday, October 5
4:30pm | The Matrix
7:15pm | The Matrix Reloaded
9:45pm | The Matrix Revolutions

Sunday, October 6
4:00pm | Promare (Dub) * New
6:00pm | Escape From New York


Tuesday, October 8
7:00pm | The Matrix

Wednesday, October 9
5:00pm | Promare (Sub)  * New
7:00pm | The Matrix Reloaded


Thursday, October 10
5:00pm | Promare (Dub)  * New
7:00pm | The Matrix Revolutions


Friday, October 11
7:00pm | Star Trek (2009)
9:15pm | Inception

Saturday, October 12
5:00pm | Star Trek (2009)
7:30pm | Star Trek Into Darkness
9:45pm | Star Trek Beyond

Sunday, October 13
4:00pm | Promare (Dub) * New
6:00pm | Inception


Wednesday, October 16
7:00pm | Star Trek Into Darkness


Thursday, October 17
5:00pm | Promare (Dub) * New
7:00pm | Star Trek Beyond


Friday, October 18
7:00pm | Time Bandits * Time Change
9:00pm | Arrival  * Time Change


Saturday, October 19
4:00pm | E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
6:15pm | Fantastic Planet
7:30pm | Time Bandits
9:30pm | The Fifth Element * New

Sunday, October 20
4:00pm | E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Tuesday, October 22
7:00pm | Time Bandits * New


Wednesday, October 23
6:30pm | Fantastic Planet
8:00pm | Arrival

Thursday, October 24
7:00pm | Reel Eats: A Clockwork Orange*
Reel Eats presents: A Clockwork Orange accompanied by a 10-12 curated bites arranged in numbered boxes matching key moments in the film. 

Please note: Passholders are eligible for discounted admission to this event.

Friday, October 25
6:30pm | Aniara
8:30pm | Under The Skin

Saturday, October 26
6:00pm | Aniara
8:00pm | The Fifth Element  * New

Sunday, October 27
6:00pm | The Fifth Element   * New


Tuesday, October 29
7:00pm | Under The Skin

Wednesday, October 30
5:30pm | Aniara  * New


Friday, November 1
7:00pm | Blade Runner (Final Cut)
9:15pm | Blade Runner 2049

Saturday, November 2
5:00pm | This Island Earth
6:30pm | Blade Runner (Final Cut)
8:45pm | Blade Runner 2049

Sunday, November 3
6:00pm | Children of Men


Tuesday, November 5
6:30pm | This Island Earth
8:15pm | Blade Runner (Final Cut)

Wednesday, November 6
6:30pm | Children of Men
8:30pm | Blade Runner 2049


Saturday, November 9
8:00pm | Ad Astra (Passholder bonus screening) *New