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OMSI remains committed to the health and safety of everyone at the museum—including our visitors, students, staff, and volunteers—and we want you to feel comfortable and safe while discovering at OMSI. While most museum visitors are no longer required to wear a mask, we strongly encourage guests to consider wearing a mask while enjoying OMSI. Disposable face coverings will remain available for visitor use on request.

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  • Little Kids, 0-6
  • Big Kids, 6-12
  • Teen, 13-18
  • Adult, 18+

Natural Sciences Hall

How is energy generated? What is the weather like on the other side of the globe? This space sparks curiosity in visitors of all ages.

Life Lab

Get up close with reptiles, insects, and the tools that biologists use.

Little Kids Big Kids Teen Adult

Paleontology Lab

Teeming with plant, shell, and dinosaur fossils—this lab is home to evidence of life long ago.

Big Kids Teen Adult

Earth Lab

Dig deep into earth science and the science beneath volcanoes, climate change, and more.

Little Kids Big Kids Teen Adult

Beginning the Journey

Examine the stages of human fetal development across nine months of pregnancy.

Little Kids Big Kids Teen Adult

Science on a Sphere

Watch a 6-foot sphere come to life with images of the sun, moon, Mars, hurricane paths, and more.

Little Kids Big Kids Teen Adult

Empirical Hall

Catch a film, grab some grub at Empirical Café, or take a ride on our Motion Simulator.

Empirical Theater

Big movies, giant screen. Select documentaries and Hollywood favorites available daily.

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Get a sneak peek into the life on a real submarine.

USS Blueback

See how a crew of 85 lived on the sub, peer through a periscope and more on a sub tour.

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Big Kids Teen Adult

Turbine Hall

Play, press, whoosh and more in this giant hall of exhibits perfect for testing ideas!

Physics Lab

Explore the phenomena of physics and prepare for a hair-raising good time.

Little Kids Big Kids Teen Adult

Chemistry Lab

Stir, measure, and experiment with all kinds of crazy concoctions–with goggles of course!

Big Kids Teen Adult

The Curium

Young scientists ages 4-8 can make music, play with windpower, and more.

Little Kids Big Kids

Innovation Stations

Tackle design challenges in accessible, fun, and empowering formats.

Big Kids Teen Adult

Designing Our World

Go hands-on to design your own solutions to real-world scenarios!

Big Kids Teen Adult

The Epicenter

Plan and practice earthquake preparedness in this fully immersive experience.

Little Kids Big Kids Teen Adult

Space Science Hall

Explore how people from around the world observe and understand the sky.

Kendall Planetarium

See the universe like never before in the Pacific Northwest’s premier planetarium.

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Science Playground

Now Open!

The perfect place for young scientists to build, explore, create, and play.

Discovery Lab

Creative, hands-on activities for little ones, including sensory materials such as flubber or playdough.

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Little Kids


Hungry? We've got options.

Empirical Café


Looking for a quick bite? Stop by the café while exploring the museum or before catching a film.

Theory Restaurant

Temporarily Closed

Our riverfront restaurant will satisfy your curious tastebuds with nutritious, locally-sourced food.

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