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These lesson plans extend the museum activities into the classroom, ideally before or after a museum visit.
Robots & Computers
Robots and Computers

Make your own Slide Rule!

Have each student Program a Friend.

Teach how to write a program using a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.

Security Technology
Security Technology

Send a secret message with Secret Writing Devices!

Catch a cookie thief using fingerprints in Can You See Me?

Look at your own fingerprint patterns in Match Me If You Can.

Communications Technology
Communications Technology

Be like Gutenberg - leave some Foot Prints on history.

Use Incan counting techniques to record history with Quipus.

Many different kinds of ideas can be communicated if you Let Language Move You.

Reinvent the telephone by making Yogurt Lid Speakers.

Medical Technology
Medical Technology

One kind of medical technology is Designing Bandages.

With ordinary household chemicals, you can perform a DNA Extraction.

Learn the power of handwashing by cultivating Gross Growth.

Household Technology
Household Technology

Explore the technology of buildings with the Three Little Pigs.

Do a cool demonstration about siphons and plumbing that will put your curriculum In the Toilet.

The whole class can role play the inside of a microwave, one of our most Hot Topics.

Look at how our clothes are made and colored in an activity To Dye For.

Students will be shocked - shocked! - when they Build a Battery.

Other Resources

Our Vocabulary List explains some of the terms that the classroom activities explore.

Find out about the concepts behind the museum exhibit and the many exhibit components in our Teacher's Guide.

View how the exhibit aligns with standards and benchmarks online, or download a one page standards grid to print out.

You can also download the ITEA Standards which the technology exhibits and lab are based on.

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