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Dr. Sara Josephine Baker
Sara Josephine Baker Sara Josephine Baker was born in 1873. When Sara was a little girl, she was adventurous and would sneak out of the house when the circus came to town. Sara decided to become a doctor at the age of 16, after her father died from typhoid.

Dr. Baker was one of the first doctors in preventative medicine and public health. By preventing the spread of disease and treating healthy people before they became sick, she saved thousands of lives.

Dr. Baker saw problems with some medical practices, and created inventions to solve those problems. When she found out that babies were choking to death on their fancy clothes, she designed simpler, safer baby clothing. When she noticed that medicine in large bottles was being contaminated, so she invented small, single dose containers that solved the problem.

Dr. Baker's most famous work involved 'Typhoid Mary'. Mary was a cook who carried typhoid, infecting many other people, even though she wasn't sick. Dr. Baker isolated Mary from other people so that others wouldn't catch it.

Toby Churchill
Toby ChurchillToby loved to invent things as a boy. When he was 5, he got a construction set, and immediately threw away the instructions. His first invention was a vegetable peeler. As he got older, he also built a bicycle, a go-kart, and a motorbike....more
George Washington Carver
George Washington CarverGeorge Washington Carver was born a slave. As a boy, he was often sick, and liked to draw and paint pictures of nature. He loved plants and animals....more
Murali Krishna
Murali KrishnaMurali Krishna loved to read as a boy. His favorite topic was science fiction, especially stories about space travel and robotic machines....more
Stephanie Kwolek
Stephanie KwolekStephanie Kwolek liked to design clothes as a girl. It wasn't until high school that she became interested in science....more
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