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As part of OMSI's Tech Hall Initiative, we've developed several new units for the Vernier Technology Lab to explore the ways technology affects our lives. Each lab unit contains a number of hands-on activities for people ages 8 and up, as well as fun activities for children as young as 5. You can read more about our new lab units below, and check our online Tech Lab calendar to see which unit will be set up in the lab on the day of your visit.
Spotlight: Biomedical Technology
Medical Technology
Practice your surgery skills, decide where you stand in the debate over genetic engineering, and much more as you examine the technologies we use on our own bodies and on other living things.

Activities for this unit include:

  • Genetically Modified Food: Can you tell the difference between genetically modified food and organic food? In this activity you'll learn many opinions about whether genetically modified food is safe or not, then decide what you think!
  • Sutures: Practice your surgery skills! Decide which needle to use to stitch the wound. Then, try to use tweezers to tie off the knot - it's trickier than you think!
  • Are Your Hands Clean? Doctor's hands have to be very clean when taking care of sick people, to avoid infection. Wash your hands, then look at them in our special black light chamber to find out if you've really cleaned them.
  • Dental Tools: What are all those tools at the Dentist's office used for? Find out as you clean a set of giant model teeth using real dental tools.
  • Measure Your Heart: Use an EKG probe to measure the electricity in your heart, and see how it changes depending on what you're doing.
  • Doctor Tools: Use our play tools to take care of a teddy bear. Learn what tools doctors use, what they're called, and what they look like.

Explore medical technology online.

Best of OMSI
Best of OMSI
Experience a sampling of some of our favorite Tech Lab activities with our Best of OMSI unit.
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