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Upcoming Attractions
  • The Art of the Brick (opens February 2017)

  • Pompeii: The Exhibition (opens May 2017)

  • Illusion (opens November 2017)

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We'd like to thank...foundations!

We'll keep our thank you speech brief. Grant funding from local, regional, and national private foundations, accompanied by support from government agencies, is crucial to our work. 

Meyer Memorial Trust

A local foundation with deep roots in the Portland business and philanthropic communities, Meyer Memorial Trust joins several other foundations and corporations in supporting the development of the Renewable Energy Exhibit and Outreach Programming project. The Renewable Energy project will result in a permanent exhibit in OMSI’s Earth Hall, as well as traveling tabletop exhibits and new classroom programming focused on recent developments in renewable energies and sustainable decision-making.

Hedinger Family Foundation

The Hedinger Family Foundation has provided an extraordinary 10-year gift benefiting a variety of programs for young science learners, including: financial aid for Title 1 schools for traveling classroom programs and assemblies, field trips, and teacher education; scholarships for underserved youth to attend OMSI residential camps and classes; Rising Stars, which provides teen volunteer opportunities and job training; and for general operating support to provide participatory science education.

National Science Foundation

OMSI has enjoyed a long and productive history with The National Science Foundation (NSF), a federal agency mandated to advance new discoveries in science across the nation. NSF funds have been instrumental in developing some of OMSI’s best-loved exhibits. NSF also provides key support to our ongoing goal of becoming an institution that appeals to underserved communities, through support for bi-lingual exhibits (Spanish/English).

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) helped OMSI organize the Small Museums Research Collective (SMRC), a network of museums throughout the country that share resources, exhibit designs and concepts, and audience data. NIH recently provided cornerstone funding for a major new traveling exhibit: The Zoo in You: Exploring the Human Microbiome. This 2,000-square-foot exhibit will travel to national science centers, health museums, and explore the cutting-edge research of NIH’s Human Microbiome Project.

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