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Life Lab

-Natural Science Hall-

Learn side-by-side with our scientists, volunteers, and live animals—including creepy crawlies and furry friends.

Paleontology Lab

-Natural Science Hall-

Work with our on-site expert volunteers to excavate real dinosaur and ancient Oregon fossils from plaster casts!

Plan your visit

Did you know? Exploring the labs is included in your museum admission. Our scientists are hard at work, so lab hours and activities may vary. 

Earth Lab

-Natural Science Hall-

Create your own river, watch salmon develop into smolt, and explore our microscopic world—all with a PacNW bent.

Chemistry Lab

-Turbine Hall-

Try your hand at chemistry experiments and activities as you safely mix, measure, and pour chemicals.

Discovery Lab

-Science Playground-

View your family through the lens of a scientist with cognitive researchers on-hand through Living Laboratory, a program funded by the National Science Foundation.

Physics Lab

-Turbine Hall-

Discover the hair-raising effects of static electricity with the Van de Graff Generator and view some of the first phonographs ever made.

Book a Private Lab!

Did you know you can book a lab time for your group? Our Educators lead focused (and fun) lessons from soap making to circuitry.