OMSI exhibits


A View from Space

-Planetarium Hallway-

See the world from a satellite's perspective! Track a hurricane, study astonishing images from NASA's Earth Observing System, and more!

Clever Together

-Life Hall-

Use “human power” to take a virtual trip through Portland, try smart sorting tactics, and find ways to save energy every day.

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Celebrate Oregon Agriculture


This photography exhibit celebrates the agricultural diversity of Oregon.

Renewable Energy

-Turbine Hall-

How do wind, water and sun support our energy needs. Take control of a wind turbine, go inside a solar panel, and try your hand at managing the power grid.

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Our Ocean

-Turbine Hall-

The ocean is your inspiration as you craft a world using an augmented reality sandbox, mimic marine animal sounds, explore local art--and even create your own!

Eat Well, Play Well

-Life Hall-

Nutrition and fitness education come together to encourage all-around healthy living for visitors of all ages!

Summer Camps & Classes

Get more than an exhibit tour. Campers spend their days backpacking Oregon mountains and conducting experiments in Portland. 

Science on a Sphere

-Featured Hall Gallery-

Watch a 6-foot sphere come to life with images of the sun, moon, Mars, animal migration patterns, global warming trends, hurricane paths, and more.

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Beginning the Journey

-Life Hall-

Examine the stages of human fetal development across nine months of pregnancy with one of the largest public displays of human fetuses.

Innovation Station

-Turbine Hall-

Program a robot, design a flying machine, and head to the Inventor's Ball Room to build a crazy contraption that sends balls whizzing!