Ever wonder how engineers design a building to withstand an earthquake? Find out in this series of exhibits where you build a structure and test it by simulating an earthquake. There are several earthquake platforms and a variety of building materials for you to use. You will also explore bridges and discover some clever design tricks developed by the Romans. Moving large structures can also be a challenge for engineers and you can learn how cranes, gears, and belts and pulleys work.

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Shake Tables
Can you construct a four-story building that will withstand an earthquake? How can you strengthen your building so it wonít collapse?

Cross Bracing Tall Buildings Tower Builder

Cargo Crane, Gears, Belts & Pulleys
How do engineers move very large or heavy materials from one place to another?

Cargo Crane Gears Belts and Pulleys

There are several problems you will face as you discover how engineers construct bridges. Stop by the computer kiosk and see if you can build a bridge that will support a bus, truck, or train. Engineer a bridge on the computer by choosing the number and size of girders. Then drive across the bridge to test its strength. There are four levels of difficulty with lots of options for your design. Donít worry, there are hints along the way! Now try building a paper bridge, arch bridge, cantilever bridge, and a seven-foot high centenary arch.

Paper Bridge Arch Bridge Cantilever Bridge Catenary Arch