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Mindfulness in Social Justice Education

Feb 8, 2023 | 7pm - 9pm

In Corvallis

Mindfulness in Social Justice Education

with Kathryn McIntosh, Associate Professor, College of Education, Oregon State University

FEB 8, 6-7:30PM | Doors @ 6PM | Advance registration recommended | Free event

This project explores mindfulness as innovative curriculum in undergraduates social justice courses. Critical race feminism claims that body and spirituality are core sources of knowledge. Mindfulness offers practices for connecting to the present moment through body, emotions, physical sensations, and spirituality.

The research question is: How does mindfulness help students learn multiculturalism from critical race feminist approaches? Data from 200 undergraduates in a social justice course includes weekly reflections, analytic memos, midterm evaluations, and social action plans. We used qualitative methods: (1) Phase One: Pilot - grounded theory (Charmaz, 2014) for logically consistent set of inductive themes. (2) Phase Two: Transformed Curriculum - Counter story methodologies to highlight the mindfulness stories of marginalized students.

Learners were empowered to handle activated emotions and self-reflection that come with the work of social justice and liberation. Counter stories (Delgado, 1989) described narratives of personal experience, authoring their stories to counter majoritarian tales of whiteness, analytical distance, and passivity or fragility.

This approach offers ten curricular modules and empirical research. This could prompt curricular changes in undergraduate education and social justice courses to enhance wellbeing and promote social justice.

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