What do you do with the base of a 140’ tall smokestack?

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Create an iconic experience in the base of a 140' smokestack.


Think out of the box to envision a space where collaboration and exploration bring people of all ages together without barriers.


The creation of an 18’ tall stringed instrument opens the door for musical collaboration, bringing visitors of all ages together to create sounds. The 25 stringed necks, built from reclaimed Douglas fir, provide a rich variety of notes that resonate in the towers lower chamber. An adjacent interactive sound modulator allows guests to experiment with different sound effects made with the strings.





Transforming an awkward space into a music lab brings visitors of all ages together to create a sound experience found only in 140’ tall concrete smokestacks. The result of out of the box design thinking results in a unique sound room where visitors encounter the unexpected.

The visitor space was formerly a children’s area with rubber balls visitors could drop into tubes and watch them move them from one are to another. The space was created to engage young audiences in the magic of mechanics, both mechanical and pneumatic to keep active minds and bodies at play.

The space was a favorite through the years, so the redesign needed to engage kids in a stimulating environment that was safe and age appropriate for 4 to 8 year olds. The iconic Soundstack was the anchor for the newly created Curium.

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