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Inspiring young athletes to communicate the science behind Nike innovation and design.


Science and engineering provides data based evidence for performance enhancement and the specific design elements beneficial to athletes. Nike’s Future Series rethinks sneaker innovation using science as the foundation.


Nike messaging for young athletes emphasizes Nike's research into the biomechanics of the athlete's body, and new products highlight the science behind the products.




Project Leads 

Dave Laubenthal

Rick Gales

Liz Wright

Cecilia Nguyen

Vicki Coats

When Nike wanted to learn more about engaging young audiences with complex information related to innovation and product design, they approached OMSI. 

Further collaboration with the Nike team outlined a focus on innovation in manufacturing, materials, recycling, and research into biomechanics of young athletes. The science of innovation is an important story to share, and one that is transforming the Nike brand for young athletes.

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