Re-imaging play spaces for slightly older kids

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Case Study


Develop a space to engage 4 to 8 year olds with learning activities that teach skills while having fun.


Include a variety of activities from Bernoulli blowers and Bee Bots to engage the “tweeners” with bilingual (English-Spanish) interactives.


The Curium is a favorite space for kids of all ages to explore interactives intended to promote curiosity and further exploration of 21st century skills.




Electronic Design


Aging out of the early childhood play spaces can leave 4- to 8 year old’s longing for something more exciting than a sandbox and puppets. For those who want something more interactive and age appropriate - meet the Curium.

The Curium is an interactive space designed specifically for 4 to 8 year olds with engaging learning activities from Bee Bots to colorful Bernoulli blowers. The activities are created to engage young learners in playful activities that draw upon 21st century skills from collaboration to technology literacy.

Programming a Bee Bot to follow a pre-set path that includes projected surprises, keeps kids engaged and working hard to reprogram to encounter the unexpected surprises. The activity has been so well received, parents and caregivers have to wait their turn.


The biggest problem with the space is keeping parents from hogging all the fun.

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