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The Oregon Zoo needed a creative partner to help tell the story of the polar bear in their new Polar Passage exhibit.


Pulling experience from OMSI's Under the Arctic traveling exhibition, our Exhibit Creative Services team developed multiple concepts for relating a climate story that is engaging and informative for adiverse audiences. The feature experience is an ice wall with listening nodes embedded into the ice for shaing stories from the Arctic.


The ice wall with bone conducting listening nodes allows visitors to hear sounds and messages related to polar bears and climate. The Oregon Zoo is in the process of submitting the package for fabrication via a bid process.





Project Leads 

Dave Laubenthal

Rick Gales

Vicki Coats

Allyson Woodard

The Oregon Zoo was looking for a partner in develping messaging and exhibits around their new Polar Passage exhibit. OMSI's experience creating Under the Arctic, a traveling exhibit, made us the obvious choice for sharing the climate story.

Climate science and the story of of the Arctic is one of many areas of expertise found within OMSI's Exhibit Creative Services team. Development of the new Polar Passage exhibit at the Oregon Zoo provided the perfect opportunity for two esteemed institutions to collaborate in telling the climate chage story from the polar bear's perspective.

The Oregon Zoo was looking for engaing interactives to highlight the plight of the polar bear while integrating messaging focused on empowerment and collective action leading to positive climate action. Passion, experience, and creativity led to solutions sure to engage visitors at the zoo's new Polar Passage exhibit.

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