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OMSI Smart Egg Drop

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Highlight OMSI’s method for developing exhibit experiences through an interactive for ASTC attendees.


Take a traditional science experiment & reimagine it as a high-tech experience with real-time STEM data.


An experience that thrilled ASTC attendees while highlighting OMSI's development process. A secondary benefit is a well received product now approaching a second generation upgrade.



Electronic Engineering

Experience Design

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Project Leads 

Dave Laubenthal
Thomas Hudson
Rick Gales

We’ve taken the quintessential egg drop and turned it on its head!

Originally tossed around as an idea by OMSI’s Experience Design team to engage conference attendees with our exhibit development process, the idea of a digital egg drop experience took on a life of its own. The concept soon blossomed into an interactive approach to offering attendees a design challenge while teaching STEM concepts - something that proved to be a lot of fun for OMSI facilitators at the expo and attendees who took that challenge! The Association of Science-Technology Centers annual conference & expo provided a natural venue to highlight OMSI’s exhibit development process with a real-life interactive.

OMSI Smart Eggs electronics

As with all concepts, the design process opened the door to endless ideas, exploring what was possible with an array of accelerometers and micro-electronics. Our Experience Design team then refined those ideas and pinned down what this high-tech science experiment could do to transform the traditional egg drop. Prototyping began, software was created, batteries were tested, and early prototypes proved the concept of a digital egg was very promising. From there, it was up to our production & electronics engineers to work out the details, test, and rebuild until it was a robust and reliable STEM experience.

Development on the app gave the user interface exciting visuals for displaying the results of each drop.

The Smart Egg Drop™ leverages 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These critical skills, along with STEM literacy, are core competencies required help students thrive in today's world. This unique interactive explores those skills through a classic science experiment that incorporates the technology young students can relate to.

The OMSI Smart Egg Drop™ is a taste of the innovation and creative thinking we apply to developing of educational museum experiences. Leveraging critical design thinking and problem solving, the Smart Egg Drop™ encourages young minds to experiment and discover new strategies and approaches to problem solving. 

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