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Mt. St. Helens: Johnston Ridge Observatory

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How do you create interpretive content for an ever-evolving National Monument landscape?


Combining engaging interactivity & interpretation, refreshed educational content was developed from collaboration with expert volcanologists.


Visitors to the observatory have the opportunity to engage with the history and science of Mt. St. Helens in a meaningful, memorable way.


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Pairing with scientists to interpret current research, OMSI worked closely with Forest Service and Geologic Survey personnel to update exhibits at the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

Throughout the project, efforts were focused on essential messages and enabled expert volcanologists to shape the educational content, offering valuable insight for the design of visitor centers and other interpretive sites.

Mt St Helens Johnston Ridge Observatory panels

Both privately and federally funded, this project included the creation of a set of low-maintenance interactives, built into the interior of the Johnston Ridge Observatory. Updated features included the presentation of seismographic data in modern digital format, interpretation of the other methods that geologists use to predict earthquakes, and a new photographic mural of the crater as well as the newly formed domes.

Ultimately, this exhibition was designed as educational, engaging, and durable. With the crater of Mt. St. Helens as a picturesque backdrop, the exhibits were designed to integrate with the interior of Johnston Ridge Observatory and compliment the dramatic landscape. Interactives were designed to include historic artifacts, scientific data, and geologic specimens while prioritizing interactive play and discovery.

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