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Drive awareness of earthquake preparation and safety while upgrading an iconic OMSI experience.


Utilize and improve existing technology proven successful for decades, and increase the shake to simulate one of the world’s major earthquakes.


Epicenter is both an iconic structure, and a powerful approach to experiencing a major earthquake while learning how to be prepared should a quake rumble through your hometown.




Electronics Design


There is nothing better than the old iconic experiences from your youth when visiting the science museum…unless the new experience is a magnitude better!

Epicenter is the latest collaboration to upgrade and improve the iconic Shake House built in the last millennium. The new and improved version takes visitors on a journey to experience three significant earthquakes from around the region and the world.


From the local Scotts Mills quake of 1993 registering 5.6 on the Richter scale, to the 6.7 magnitude Los Angeles quake in 1994, visitors feel the rumble and learn how to safely prepare for, and ride out earthquakes. The final quake in the Epicenter is the Tohoku quake in Japan during March of 2011.


The Epicenter is a safe and exciting way to learn about earthquake preparation based on first-hand experience. This new and iconic structure represents the latest evolution in OMSI’s exhibit development with an emphasis on teaching visitors how to prepare for shaking while living in the shadow of multiple volcano’s and the Cascadia Subduction zone running from Canada to California.


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