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How can institutions authentically engage girls in STEM & make a lasting impact through on-the-floor experiences?


OMSI used design principles & current findings in visitor engagement to develop dynamic STEM experiences in Designing Our World.


Up to 45-minute visitor engagement & a high-level of participant collaboration.


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Project Leads 

Allyson Woodard
Kirby Jones
Jaclyn Barber

How can we teach skills like literacy and collaboration in a science museum? With design!

Designing Our World uses basic design principles like iteration and collaboration to strengthen key 21st century skills in participants, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership. Plus, interactives show students how those skills can be used in real-world scenarios, including careers in engineering, biology, sustainability, and more.

Child building with kinex

We worked with girl-focused groups to create an experience that serves the range of physical, cognitive, and perceptual abilities of teenage girls. By utilizing the latest findings in engagement practices, we created a space where the results speak for themselves. Our team of experienced designers seek out opportunities to include diverse groups in the development of an experience, and prioritized choices that consider and impact a given target audience. From hold times of 45 minutes at key interactives to displays of participant collaboration, Designing Our World is our most current example of putting people first in design.

We created an exhibit that lets kids learn by doing what they do best - play! Open-ended experiences encourage creativity through exploration. We are amazed at the intuitive, quick design decisions guests make to influence the speed and trajectory of objects at a vertical wind table, or find new ways to design resiliency into buildings and bridges on a collaborative shake table. User experience is about more than digital interfaces and mobile optimization. It’s about providing opportunities for guests to face challenges and solve problems together, while being inspired by the world around them.

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