Designing for Disaster

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Create awareness of disaster preparation related to potential disasters that could strike near OMSI.


Create iconic visitor experiences leading to better understanding of how to prepare and plan for the unexpected disaster close to home.


Exciting exhibit experiences and design challenges are increasing visitor awareness of how to manage through unexpected disasters with tools and strategies to remain safe.






Preparing for life among active volcanos within the Cascadia fault zone.

Designing for Disaster is the latest design challenge incorporating dynamic experiences such as Epicenter, OMSI’s re-designed earthquake simulator, to teach disaster preparedness.

Living in the shadow of several active volcanoes, and within the Cascadia subduction zone, the Portland area has several disaster scenarios that could one day play out. When that day comes, the goal for the community is to be prepared. Readiness preparation scenarios could range from the power going out, to a significant earthquake with the loss of major services. Designing for Disasters will keep the community ready in the event the unexpected happens, and the hands on learning is always fun.

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