Bee Bot Mods

Museum Services

Case Study


Develop an interactive experience for young audiences that teaches the basics of programming, while providing interactive fun.


Start with a well-accepted device and make it better. A little modification to the boards, some programming and a camera were integrated to create a Bee Bot activity with more interactivity and unexpected bonuses.


The Bee Bot modifications allowed the Bot to communicate with the camera and computer, prompting new and unexpected activities kids could program to activate and navigate around.


Electronic Design

Technology Integration


Bee Bots are a kid-friendly robot designed to teach sequencing, estimating and problem solving. The perfect tool for teaching 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and technology literacy. Learn what happens when OMSI adds a little electronic wizardry to up the interactivity.

The Bee Bot interactive has proven to be a museum favorite for kids of all ages …and their parents. The bilingual (English-Spanish) interactive paved the way for OMSI to connect with underserved populations, creating a welcoming environment for all visitors using a familiar interface.


Starting with a known technology is a relatively simple approach to driving fresh innovation here at OMSI. The result of these modifications, is a low-cost interactive that that adds more fun and excitement to an already powerful learning tool.

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