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Camps & Classes Financial Aid

Application Process

Applications are now closed. OMSI is no longer accepting financial aid applications for the summer. 

Please contact us at 503-797-4661 with questions or for assistance.

Do I Qualify?

• An agency/organization can register and apply for financial aid for each independent participant.

An individual can receive financial assistance for up to two classes, or one camp per year. 

• Financial aid is not available for adults or families applying for Family or Adult Camps or Programs.

How to Apply

1. Add the program(s) of choice from the OMSI Camps & Classes catalog and fill out the student profile information. 

2. In the cart, check the box to apply for financial aid. Your class cost will change to the cost of your deposit. Please note, each student may only be eligible for one camp or up to two classes, per year. 

3. Complete the checkout process. A valid credit card deposit is required for each application ($75 per class, per student; $125 per camp, per student.) Awards will be in the full amount of the program minus the paid deposit.

4. You will receive an email with further instruction and to upload a copy of documentation showing annual income. Appropriate documents may include:

    a. Most recent tax returns (we cannot accept W-2 forms or pay stubs)

    b. TANF award paperwork

    c. Oregon Trail Card or SNAP award letter

    d. Social Worker letter of income

Please contact us at 503-797-4661 with questions or for assistance.

What to Expect Next

1. Applications will be reviewed in the Early Decision Period if received prior to March 1st and the Regular Decision Period if received by June 1.  Applications received for the Early Decision Period have 1st access to available funds and available offerings. As always, early action is the best way to assure best chance at desired programming and funds. All funds and programs subject to availability.

2. Applications are reviewed in the decision periods as outlined above and notifications emailed to applicants within 1 week.

3. Denied Applications: Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Completed applications may still be denied based upon insufficient level of need demonstrated by applicant(s), lack of financial aid funds available or lack of sufficient programming availability to cover request(s), or suspicion of or evidence of falsification of documentation. Deposits will be refunded in full for applications that are denied.

4. Approved applications: Approved applicants will be emailed approval confirmation. Applicant must accept awards within 5 days of email receipt or award may be redistributed. Awards may be declined, but because spots are limited and are held for those who have submitted completed applications, deposits cannot be refunded if award is declined.

5. Upon acceptance of award, you will receive a program confirmation email and your registration will be complete.  Following acceptance, the programming and award are finalized and OMSI will not make changes to the registration.  Deposits will not be refunded for no show or cancellation.

Please note: Any changes to a submitted application will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. If an application is incomplete, you will be notified by email and have 7 days to submit the required information. If the required information is not submitted within 7 days, your application will be disqualified, and you must resubmit. Once the award has been accepted, you may not change or cancel your registration.