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Camps & Classes FAQ

General Camp

How old does my child need to be to attend camp?

OMSI offers camps for four age groups: lower elementary (grades K-3), upper elementary (grades 4-5), middle school (grades 6-8), and high school (grades 9-12). The grade levels listed for each summer camp refer to the grade the camper will enter in the upcoming fall. Camp activities are planned for specific grades, and campers benefit from being with their own age group.

Please note: children must be a minimum age of six and a maximum age of 18 to attend camps for grades 2-12.

How do we get to camp?

Transportation for 2nd through 12th grade camps is provided from Portland to the sites. Riding with other campers is an important part of the process of getting acquainted with counselors and instructors and making friends with other campers. We strongly encourage parents to utilize our transportation where possible. Check-in at OMSI at Water Ave is at 7 a.m. and buses depart soon after. Buses arrive back at 5 p.m. on the last day of camp. Programs that differ from these departure and arrival times will be noted in the confirmation packet. Please check your packet carefully to ensure you drop off and pick up your camper at the right times and on the right dates. 

In some cases, it may make more sense for campers to be dropped off at one of the sites, or to meet the bus or van at a predesignated meeting point en route to camp. In these cases, arrangements must be made in advance and approved by a manager. Your confirmation packet will contain an alternate transportation form that must be completed and faxed or emailed to Program Sales and Registration prior to camp (Fax: 503.296.5544).  

For family and adult camps, participants are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from camp.

Coastal Discovery Center 
3400 SW Abalone Street 
Newport, Oregon 97366 

Hancock Field Station 
39472 Hwy 218 
Fossil, OR 97830 

How do you select and train your staff, and what standards do the camps maintain?

OMSI strictly adheres to standards of the American Camp Association (ACA) and the county health department when it comes to hiring and supervision of staff and volunteers. Our staff go through an extensive application, interview, reference, and hiring process.

All staff members (paid and unpaid) submit a voluntary disclosure statement, and are required to undergo a criminal background check, which includes a check on the National Sex Offender Public Website. Instructional staff members spend a month in various trainings and certification courses, and all summer staff members participate in a week-long staff training.

Counselors are certified in first aid & CPR, and instructors are certified wilderness first responders with commercial driver licenses. Both of our camps are accredited by the ACA, and are inspected annually by their local county health department. 


What is your staff to student ratio?

OMSI camps are accredited by the American Camp Association, and we meet or exceed all of the staff-to-camper ratios that they outline. Guidelines vary according camper ages. Please refer to the table below to determine the minimum ratios we guarantee for your child’s age group. 

  ACA Requirement OMSI Cabin Counselor Minimum Ratio OMSI instructors dedicated for each program (minimum) Total minimum staff to camper ratios per program
2nd-3rd grade 1:6 1:6 1:12 1:4
4th-5th grade 1:8 1:8 1:12 1:4
6th-8th grade 1:8 1:8 1:12 1:4
9th-12th grade 1:10 1:10 1:12 1:4


OMSI hires some counselors who are between the ages of 16 and 18. We adhere to the ACA standard that no more than 20% of our staff are under the age of 18. High school-age counselors are not assigned to high school camps. In addition to the counselors and instructors who are dedicated to your child’s program, OMSI camps are staffed with facilities assistants, program coordinators, cooks, and managers who work together to support all campers, counselors, and instructors. 

Do you have insurance?

A limited accidental medical policy covering all participants is provided by OMSI and is included in the total cost of the program. This insurance policy does not cover remote medical transportation, such as air ambulance. OMSI recommends that you check with your insurance to see if they cover medical transportation or look into purchasing additional medical transportation insurance.  

What about meals?

Meals are provided from dinner on the first day, through lunch on the last day of all OMSI camps. Professional cooks and kitchen staff design menus that support nutrition and health. Vegetarian options and salads are always available.

Special diets, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and some food allergies, can be accommodated with advance notice. Participants with multiple food allergies or special dietary needs may need to provide and prepare supplementary foods for themselves. Please contact camp directly if you are concerned about your camper’s dietary needs. Camps have limited storage space for food and food is not allowed in cabins.

Counselors sit at tables with campers during meals and support them in their food choices and encourage them to eat adequate, balanced meals. However, OMSI staff are not responsible for campers’ dietary choices while at camp.  

What does a sample day look like at OMSI camp?

For residential camps, our days typically follow this schedule: 

Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray 

7:00 – Optional morning walk 

8:00 – Breakfast 

9:00 – Lunch-making 

9:30 – First program activity 

12:00 – Lunch 

12:30 – Second program activity 

2:00 – Cabin time 

2:45 – Choice time 

3:30 – Snack 

4:00 – Electives 

5:30 – Free time 

6:15 – Dinner 

7:30 – Evening program 

8:30 – Campfire 

9:00 – Cabin time, prepare for bed 

10:00 – Quiet hours 


Hancock Field Station  

7:00 – Optional morning walk 

8:00 – Breakfast 

9:00 – Lunch-making 

9:30 – Field activities 

12:30 – Lunch 

1:00 – Rest 

2:00 – Swimming/water games 

3:00 – Snack 

3:30 – Interest groups 

5:00 – Recreation  

6:00 – Dinner 

7:15 – Evening program 

8:30 – Campfire 

9:15 – Cabin time, prepare for bed 

10:00 – Lights out/quiet time 


Note: Daily schedules differ from the above schedules to accommodate specific activities; junior campers’ bedtime is 8:30, with quiet time/lights out at 9:15; astronomy camps may stay up late into the night for nighttime astronomical observation, and have extended rest time during the day.  

What does a sample packing list look like for OMSI camp?

Packing lists vary by site, age group and program, with specialist programs requiring additional equipment, but here is list of the items you will typically need to send: 


Sun hat or cap 
Long-sleeved shirts 
Long pants 
Warm jacket 
Raincoat and rain pants or poncho 
Boots or tennis shoes (well-fitting, broken-in, and waterproof) 
Synthetic or wool socks 

Daypack to carry lunch and field gear 
Two water bottles (minimum 1 liter each) 
Sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen 
Sleeping bag (three- or four-season) 
Sack lunch for the first day 
Flashlight or headlamp 

Field guides (birds, insects, rocks and minerals, etc.) 

Can students receive school credit for attending an OMSI science camp?

OMSI’s camps are designed to be educational, as well as active and fun. Each camper who completes an OMSI camp earns a certificate of completion which indicates the number of hours of instruction provided during the camp. This certificate can be submitted to the camper’s school, along with the course syllabus from the confirmation packet, to request school credit at the school’s discretion. Please check with your school regarding their credit policy.

Can I call and/or write my child at camp?

One of the many benefits of sleep-away camp is the independence campers gain from being away from home and developing self-reliance in a safe, welcoming environment. To support your campers in this growth, we discourage parents/guardians from calling their children at camp and ask that you do not encourage them to call you. Children who are homesick seldom feel better after calling home – speaking with family usually makes homesickness worse.  

You can send mail to most camps, but please ensure you mail it no later than one week ahead of the first day of camp to ensure it arrives in time. Some of our camps are in remote locations with limited mail delivery. Mail will be distributed to campers during rest or recreation time. 

Mail that arrives after the child has left site will be returned to sender provided there is a return address and first-class postage. Please do not mail money or snacks. 

Campers on select traveling programs are unable to receive mail, but letters and cards may be given to instructors at check-in to be delivered later in the program 

Mail for the Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray: 

Camper’s name 

Program name  

c/o Coastal Discovery Center  

3400 SW Abalone Street,  

South Beach, OR 97366 


Mail for Hancock Field Station: 

Camper’s name 

Program name 

c/o Hancock Field Station 
39472 Hwy 218 
Fossil, OR 97830 

Can you accommodate non-binary, non-gender conforming, trans, and other LGBTQ youth? How does that work?

Yes! We can, and we have successfully done so. OMSI respects, values, and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. At camp, we don’t want anyone to feel left out. We want to provide an open and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels safe and empowered to be themselves. Because camps are traditionally co-ed, we have the obvious barriers for the gender diverse in sleeping and hygiene areas, but we’re committed to dismantling those barriers in a respectful way. Since each individual is different and has different needs, we encourage you to reach out if you have any specific questions or concerns. We appreciate any opportunity to speak directly with families about how we can work together to make the OMSI summer camp experience worry-free for everyone regardless of orientation, gender, or any other identity. 

My camper doesn’t know anyone else attending camp. How will your staff ensure they aren’t lonely and make new friends?

Starting at check-in, staff will work with your camper to make them feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. They’ll introduce themselves, engage campers in conversation, and help them meet other campers to get them on track to make friends fast. Before they even leave the parking lot, they’ll play name games and icebreakers. On the ride to camp, campers will sit with each other and counselors will engage them in games and conversation, and make sure that everyone gets involved. At lunch time, campers will eat together and play together in a park or open space. Most new campers have already made friends by the time they reach camp. Once they are here, counselors will host cabin activities and recreation time, and instructors will facilitate group games and a team challenge. At meals, campers may sit at the table of their choice – with friends they’ve already made, or with friends they haven’t made yet! Counselors at each table will make sure everyone feels welcome. 

What will happen if my child is homesick?

Homesickness is very common at camp and we address it with kindness and compassion. Each child has a different experience with it, so we approach each case as is appropriate. Rest assured, we don’t give up easily! Our goal is to keep kids at camp and use our professional strategies to overcome fears and anxiety.  

OMSI counselors and instructors receive training in addressing homesickness. Our staff will validate campers’ feelings, and then work to help them move beyond those feelings to have a positive and empowering camp experience. Staff are usually able to distract homesick campers by getting them involved in the exciting activities at camp, new challenges and opportunities, new friends, and the general adventure of being at camp. In most cases, the homesickness disappears. If we are unable to ease your child’s feelings of homesickness by distracting them, we will encourage them to write a letter home, or journal or draw their feelings to share with you when they see you again. We will also contact you to let you know and ask for your advice on how to help your child. We usually avoid having campers phone home because it seldom makes them feel better. 

As long as it is safe and healthy for your child to remain at camp, we will work with them to help them overcome their feelings of homesickness. Very rarely, homesickness becomes unsafe and unhealthy. In these instances, we will contact you to arrange for you to pick up your child at camp. 

How do you use the information on my camper’s registration form?

Prior to the beginning of camp, lead staff review each registration form and share relevant health and behavior concerns with program instructors and counselors, and cooks. Instructors and counselors meet daily with lead staff to share updates on camper progress, and any concerns they may have. This ensures all campers get the attention they deserve from all staff. If a child is feeling homesick, needs a little extra encouragement to make friends, or is struggling with a behavior concern, the whole team will work together to support them. 

If you anticipate your camper may experience significant homesickness, or behavioral concerns, please reach out to the site your camper will be attending. We want to do everything we can to ensure each child has a fun, safe, and successful experience at camp. For some campers, we are best able to do that if we have background information from you on their specific special needs and ways we can support them. 

What if my child left something at camp?

OMSI is not responsible for lost or damaged items, but we do our best to ensure that campers go home with the things they brought to camp. Each site has a lost and found box, and all campers are encouraged to check it throughout their time at camp and before they leave. We request that all items are labelled with campers’ full names to aid our staff in returning lost items. 

Unclaimed items will be held at OMSI’s concierge desk for two weeks following each camp. If you realize that your child has lost an item, please call 503.797.4000 and press 0 to arrange for its return. Unclaimed items are held for two weeks, after which they will be donated to charity. 

What if my child is not feeling well before leaving for camp?

If your child is ill, please do not send them to camp. Please call the registration office at 503.797.4661 to let them know your child will not be participating. It may be possible to register your child for a different camp, depending on availability.

What if my child is ill or injured at camp?

OMSI instructors are certified wilderness first responders. If your child receives a minor injury while at camp, our instructors will treat the injury. For more serious injuries, instructors will treat the injury within the scope of their practice and connect your child with definitive medical care if necessary. You will be contacted if your child receives anything more than a superficial injury. 

If your child becomes ill while they are at camp, our instructors will monitor them and provide care within the scope of their practice. You will be contacted. If your child has a fever over 100°F or they are too ill to remain at camp, we will ask you to make arrangements to pick them up.

My child requires injections. Can your staff help with that?

OMSI has worked with OHSU and the Oregon Diabetes Association to ensure that select managers and instructors have received adequate training regarding emergency injection of epinephrine and glucagon as approved by our medical advisor Dr. Matthew Hansen of Oregon Health and Sciences University. 

These managers and instructors will act as needed under ORS 433.800. In addition, OMSI policy is to allow individual staff to voluntarily act under the statutes ORS 30.800 or 30.807 to administer requested injections or other medical procedures, should they individually choose to do so on a case-by-case basis. 

Please notify the registration office when you are registering your child for camp so that OMSI can arrange to have a trained staff member available to assist your child. All campers who may need an emergency injection of epinephrine or glucagon or other medical procedures must provide OMSI with a copy of the physician's treatment orders, containing instructions as to requested injections or other needed medical procedures and supply all necessary medication or equipment. 

OMSI reserves the right to refuse registration to a student whose medical needs cannot be reasonably accommodated. 


What is the camps and classes refund/cancellation/exchange policy?

Cancellations must be submitted in writing (email or fax). Fees are per camp or class session and will be processed as follows:

Cancellation Received,In Writing Program Amount Retained by OMSI
More than 30 Days Prior Camp $75
More than 30 Days Prior Class $25
11-30 Days Prior Camp or Class Half of Total Cost
0-10 Days Prior Camp or Class Total Cost
Transfer Fee Camp $25
Transfer Fee Class $10

NOTE: If minimum program enrollments are not reached, OMSI reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate camps. If this happens, you will be notified at least two weeks before the start of the camp. 


If you have questions or concerns regarding your registration, please contact our registration department at 503.797.4661 or email

I've already registered my child, but I need to update their authorized pick-up list. How do I do that?

If your child's program is more than seven days away, you may make changes to their registration by logging back into the registration site. However, if the program is seven or fewer days away, please call the registration office at 503.797.4661 to make changes. Adding additional persons to any child’s authorized pick-up list must be conducted by the primary contact person listed on the registration form.

Do you have a waitlist for sold out camps?

Yes! If a program is sold out, you can request to be added to our waitlist. Please send an email inquiry to with your program(s) and date(s) of choice, plus your name, your camper’s name, and an email address and phone number to reach you. We will reach out to you if a spot becomes available. 

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. Financial Assistance is offered for most programs during the spring and summer. Please check out our Camps & Classes Financial Aid page for policies and more information, plus instructions on how to apply.

How will OMSI deal with disciplinary issues with my child or other campers?

Camp packets contain information about Outdoor Science Education’s code of behavior and disciplinary procedure. Please read this information thoroughly and review it with your camper prior to the start of camp. 

OMSI staff strive to prevent behavior issues from becoming serious by supervising campers at all times and intervening in undesirable camper interactions before they escalate to behavior issues. Campers who violate rules or ignore staff instructions repeatedly will meet with lead staff to enter into a three-step behavior contract. If the conditions of the behavior contract are not met, the guardians of the camper may be asked to come and remove the camper from camp. 

Violence and threats of violence, theft or vandalism, possession of recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons, and overt sexual or offensive behavior or remarks toward campers or OMSI staff, including the use of racial, religious, or sexual slurs or intimidation are all grounds for removing campers from camp without previously entering into a behavior contract. 

Overnight Camps FAQ

What is Camp Hancock like?

Camp Hancock, also known as Hancock Field Station, is a rustic, historic camp. It is located in the Clarno Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument of the National Park Service. Lon Hancock, a retired postman from Portland, first brought campers to the area in the 1940s, to assist with paleontological and archaeological research. OMSI acquired Camp Hancock in 1951, and since then it has been developed into an outdoor school and summer camp. 

Campers to Hancock Field Station stay in wooden, A-frame cabins, with bunks, padded floors, heat, and electricity. Restroom and shower facilities with hot and cold running water are located a short walk from cabins. During the day, campers use outhouses to help conserve water.  

Meals are served in the historic Berrie Hall. Indoor teaching spaces include a library, and laboratories dedicated to paleontology, geology, archaeology, and lapidary. Camp Hancock’s location, in the heart of the Clarno Unit, provides private access to public lands, and campers have the opportunity to hike on miles of National Park Service trails with breathtaking views of the high desert. In addition, OMSI’s close relationship with the adjacent Pine Creek Conservation Area provides off-trail access to tens of thousands of acres of wilderness. 

While visiting, campers will discover a diverse array of fossils, investigate high desert wildlife, meet the resident program animals, and join in campfire sing-alongs. Campers can stroll through desert canyons, view crystal-clear night skies through a telescope, and wade in the nearby John Day River. 

What is the Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray like?

Located in the inspiring science hub of Newport, Oregon, The Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray is the new home of our longstanding coastal education programs. Nestled between the expansive dunes of South Beach and Yaquina Bay, there are numerous opportunities to explore the wide range of ecosystems on the Oregon Coast. On a walk straight from the cabin door to the beach, students can investigate the connections between ocean currents, geology, and ecological adaptation to better understand the web of life that depends on our one world-wide ocean. 

The bunk rooms are simple, but warm and comfortable. Each room has four bunk beds; one spot is reserved for an OMSI cabin counselor. Bunk rooms have attached restrooms and shower stalls, which campers can access via a covered porch. In the center of camp is the main hall where campers share meals with their friends and OMSI Outdoors staff. Breakfast and dinner are served buffet-style in Meyer Hall, and campers will make and pack a lunch to take with them after breakfast. We can accommodate some dietary restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free. 


What are family/adult camps like?

Family and adult camps are designed offer fun and education to guests of all ages, and to accommodate a variety of skill levels – everything from lengthy hikes to near-camp explorations. Camps are open to all ages, including families, single adults, couples without children and grandparents. Fees are per person and cover accommodations, food, program instruction, and equipment. Children age three to six are half price, and children two and under are free. All children must be accompanied by adults.

During family camp, cabins are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. More than one family may share a cabin. 

Backpacking Camps FAQ

What are backpacking trips like?

OMSI backpacking trips give campers the chance to explore areas not easily reached on a day trip. Each trip has a science and environmental education focus. In addition to learning about their natural surroundings, campers gain wilderness navigation skills needed to spend time in the backcountry.

Campers will also learn about setting up tents, cooking, properly treating water and following “Leave No Trace” guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment. Campers need to bring their own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, dishes and clothing. Food and group gear are provided. Trip itineraries are subject to change based on snow and fire conditions. Most programs include five to seven miles of hiking each day. 

Rafting Camps FAQ

What are rafting trips like?

Experience some of Oregon’s most beautiful rivers and learn about hydrology, ecology and geology from experienced OMSI guides and educators. These fun-filled adventures are held on either the Deschutes or Grande Ronde rivers.

Campers experience life on the river by day and camping along the banks by night. We prepare meals as a group and all food is provided. Some outdoor equipment and camping gear is provided, but campers need to bring their own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, dishes and clothing. Trip itineraries are subject to change based on river and fire conditions. 

Classroom- and Field Trip-Based Classes

Do you have a waitlist for sold out classes?

Yes! If a program is sold out, you can request to be added to our waitlist. Please send an email inquiry to with your program(s) and date(s) of choice, your name, your student’s name and a good email address and phone number to reach you in case a spot becomes available.

How flexible are you on grade designations for classes?

The grade level listed for each summer science class refers to the grade a student will enter in the upcoming Fall. For school year and spring break classes, the grade level listed refers to the student's current grade. Please do not register a child who will be in a lower or higher grade than designated. This will ensure your child has the best possible experience. Exceptions will be made only if the child has been placed in a higher or lower grade by their regular public, private, or home school.

What kind of training does OMSI’s staff have?

OMSI is very selective in hiring staff for its science classes. All of our instructors have extensive experience working with children, and most are state-certified teachers. All instructors have demonstrated excellence in working with and developing programming for children and have a passion for inspiring students to understand and explore the world. All staff go through background checks prior to employment and are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Do you offer before and after care?

For summer classes, before care (7:00–9:00 a.m.) and after care (4:00–6:00 p.m.) are available at both OMSI and Jesuit High School locations. We offer before and after care, separate from educational programming, as an added convenience for parents and families. We encourage participating students to bring an activity to work on or a book to before/after care. 

Pre-Paid Rates
For either before or after care: $50 per child, per week (rate adjusted if program takes place during a major holiday).
For both before and after care: $100 per child, per week (rate adjusted if program takes place during a major holiday).
Please purchase at time of registration.

Drop-In Rates
For either before or after care: $10 per child, per day (cash or check only).
$1 per minute late fee after 6:00 p.m.
Please note that before care and after care are not available for school year classes.

What is OMSI’s behavior policy?

We utilize a positive behavior intervention and support procedure to address student behaviors. Unsafe or disruptive behavior may result in redirection, a break, or call home as an initial response, depending on the type of behavior. We strive to work closely with families to find behavioral tools that allow all students to successfully participate in classes. We allow family-provided support adults for students.

We will dismiss students whose behavior poses a threat to other students, staff, or themselves. Refunds will not be granted in these situations.

Where do I drop my child off for the OMSI location?

All students attending summer classes at OMSI should check in at 1800 SE Water Ave (directly across from OMSI’s North parking lot). There will be signs to guide you. For school year classes, specific location information will be emailed to you two weeks prior to your program.

Where do I drop my child off for the Jesuit High School location?

Jesuit High School is located at 9000 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225. Information and directions will be emailed two weeks prior to your program.

Do I need to present a photo ID when I pick up my child?

Yes, everyone that is picking up a student must bring a government-issued photo ID every day. No exceptions.

Does my child need to bring snacks and lunch to class?

Yes. Snacks are provided for kindergarten and first grade classes only. All other participants should bring a nutritious snack for both morning and afternoon breaks, as well as a meal and beverage for lunch. (Sorry, there are no microwaves available.) Please clearly mark your child’s name and phone number inside lunch boxes, coats, and other personal items to prevent them from getting lost.

Will my child’s class include a field trip?

Some classes include one overnight trip as noted in the catalog description. Day field trips are included in many classes. Occasionally, field trips not described in the catalog are added. All field trips are subject to change depending on class enrollment, availability, and scheduling. Please note that refunds will not be granted if a child cannot participate in a field trip that is included or added. If you do not want your child to participate in a field trip, you must make alternate arrangements during the scheduled field trip time. You will receive information about any field trips two weeks prior to the first day of class.

What if the weather is bad?

Please be sure your child is dressed for the weather! Field trips and activities are subject to change due to weather.

What if my child left something in class?

Lost and found items with names and phone numbers will be held at OMSI for two weeks following each class. Please call 503-797-4661 immediately after class to arrange for their return. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after two weeks. OMSI is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. Financial Assistance is offered for most programs during the spring and summer. Please check out our Camps & Classes Financial Aid page for policies and more information, plus instructions on how to apply.

My child requires injections, can your staff help with that?

Generally, OMSI staff are not trained to administer injections or other medical procedures. OMSI policy is to allow individual staff to voluntarily act under the statutes ORS 30.800 or 30.807 and administer requested injections or other medical procedures, should they individually choose to do so on a case-by-case-basis. Instructions as to requested injections or medical procedures must be provided by the physician. Please notify the registration office if you would like to inquire whether there are staff who are willing to consider acting under the statutes ORS 30.800 or 30.807 on a case-by-case-basis should your child need an emergency injection or other medical procedure in the manner described in the physicians orders. OMSI cannot guarantee that it will find willing staff to act under the statutes ORS 30.800 or 30.807 or that such staff will so act in every case.

I've already registered my child, but I need to update their authorized pick-up list. How do I do that?

If your child's program is more than 7 days away, you are welcome to make changes to your registration by logging back into the registration site. However, if the program is 7 days away or less, please call the registration office at at 503-797-4661 to make any and all changes. Adding additional persons to any child’s authorized pick-up list must be conducted by the Primary Contact person listed on the registration form, or by the Secondary Contact if approved by the Primary Contact at the time of registration.

What is the camps and classes refund/cancellation/exchange policy?


Cancellation Received In Writing


Amount Retained By OMSI

More than 30 Days Prior



More than 30 Days Prior



11-30 Days Prior

Camp or Class

Half of Total Cost

0-10 Days Prior

Camp or Class

Total Cost




Transfer fee



Transfer fee




NOTE: If minimum program enrollments are not reached, OMSI reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate camps. If this happens, you will be notified at least two weeks before the start of the camp. 


If you have questions or concerns regarding your registration, please contact our registration department at 503.797.4661 or email

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