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Oregon Shores Adventure

Earth & Space Science
Type & Format
"Residential" camps will stay at an established camp location either owned or rented by OMSI for the entire program.
Grade Level
6, 7, 8
Price Range
Level of Physical Activity

Are you curious about the shoreline? Paddle a canoe in an estuary, camp on sandy dunes, and hike rocky cliffs to identify clues of the geologic processes that are shaping our coast. We'll spend one night camping at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area to hike giant sand dunes, and the rest of the week at the Coastal Discovery Center exploring the South Beach area.

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Jun 18, 2018
7am Mon - 5pm Fri
$545.00 / $682.00
Jul 16, 2018
7am Mon - 5pm Fri
$545.00 / $682.00
Aug 20, 2018
7am Mon - 5pm Fri
$545.00 / $682.00