Participating Makers

Portland Mini Maker Faire showcases the amazing works of all kinds and ages of makers—anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience. The event wouldn't be possible without the large variety and fantastic projects being shared. Participating Makers include:

Academia Duellatoria   |   Historic fencing and Bartitsu

ADX-Art Design Portland   |   Work Together: a Showcase from ADX and Portland Made

Apparent Systems Inc   |   3D Scanning of People

Autodesk Inc.   |   Autodesk Software

Bakke Bros   |   Jerky Hut

Beth Myrik   |   Wooden Creatures

bitwise E-textiles   |   bitwise E-textiles

Bridgetown Bees   |   Queen Breeding Project

Catlin Gabel Robotics   |   Team 1450: The Flaming Chickens

Chad Berkley Photography   |   Light Me Up

Colore   |   Andrew Mark

Confection Art, Inc   |   Make It Chocolate!

Coyle LLC   |   Natural Fiber Helmets

da Vinci Days   |   da Vinci Days Kinetic Sculpture

Dan Howland   |   Papercraft   |   Paper Marbling

Dave Shinsel   |   Meet Loki, an 80lb humanoid robot

David Knierim   |   Electrostatic Printing

Denise Bowman   |   Fusing Glass

Design Forum PDX   |   Materials Inspiration Center

Don Anderson   |   1 Million Volt Tesla Coil

Dorkbot PDX

Edwin Wang   |   Dave and Ed's Physical Computing Monitor

Engrained Products   |   Raspberry Pi

ESCO Corporation   |   Coin Making and Big Red Bucket

Ex Libris Anonymous   |   Book Journals

Faron Evans   |   Scrap Bugs

Fuzzy Lamps   |   Handmade Lamps

Girls Lead the Way   |   Hydraulic Arms, Robots and Arduino

Hand-Eye Supply   |   Curiosity Club

High Desert Maker Mill   |   Rockets, Robots and LED's

Holt Woodworks   |   Bat Houses

IEEE   |   STEAM Carnival

Instrument   |   Map Dive

Intel   |   Start Making! Light Up & Paint

Isaac Morrise   |   Treadle Pump

ITSPHUN LLC   |   Geometric Sculptures

Jeremy Smith   |   Polyhedra Project

Lagerbot   |   Beer Counter

Leatherman Tool Group   |   Take-Apart Table and LED LENSER Memory Game

Lia Griffith - Handcraft Your Life   |   DIY Paper Flowers

Low Voltage Labs   |   Open Source Hardware

Mad Science of Portland & Vancouver   |   Super Structures!

Makersbox   |   Arduino Powered Model Train

MapleXO   |   Recycled Skateboard Treasures

Mark Allyn   |   Lighted Clothing and Jewelry

Mark Simmons   |   Bottle Glasses

Michelle Verheyden   |   Cuttle Bone Casting

Midnight Armor   |   Plastic Costumes

Milwaukie Robotics   |   Great Ball Contraption

Molecule Synth   |   Modular Synthesizer Construction Set

Multnomah County Library   |   Crafting Books

Museum of Contemporary Craft   |   Squiggle Wood

OlyMEGA   |   Olympia Makers, Engineers, Geeks and Artists

Olympia Circuits   |  

Olympia Maker Kids   |   Origami, Duct Tape Crafts, Robotics

OMSI Maker Lab   |   Spin Art Bike, Pixel Sprites, Soldering

OpenFab PDX, LLC   |   F-F-Fiddle

Oregon MESA   |   Portland State Engineering

Oregon Robotics Tournament & Outreach Program   |   FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics

Oregon Rocketry   |   Rockets

OSH Park   |   Purple PCB Parade

Out of the Box Mods   |   PDXLAN Modders/Over-clockers

PatternAgents   |   BridgerSoc

PDX DIY   |   Babionobots

PDX Young Makers   |   Wearable e-textiles

PDXYAR   |   Pirate Life & Cannons

PIG Squad   |   Portland Indie Games

Portland Area Robotics Society (PARTS)   |   Robot Building

Portland Art Museum   |   DIY Samurai

Punk Rockets   |   Rockets

R2D2 Builders Group   |   R2D2 Replicas

Rewild Portland   |   Survival Skills

Robert Cyders   |   Frankenstein The Electric Bike

Roswell Flight Test Crew   |   Drones

Rug Empire   |   Crochet Scrap Rugs

SCRAP   |   Funny Card Making

Scroll Wood Shop   |   Wooden Puzzles

Sellwood Soap Company   |   Personal Care Products

Shawn Bowman with F.H. Steinbart Co   |   Beer Crafts

Simon Yuen   |   Shrink Circuits

Simran Gleason   |   Fractal Copper Furniture

Sock Dreams   |   Reuse Old Socks

Surplus Gizmos   |   Fun with Electronics

Tabletopmedia   |   Tabletop Moviemaking Studio

Tandy Leather Factory   |   Leather Bracelets

Teresa Newton   |   Recycle PLUS

The Alter Egos Society   |   Mask Making

The Minions   |   Plush Dolls

The Perlan Project, Inc.   |   Gliders

The Sexton Corporation   |   ROV in a bag

Thomas Houha Designs   |   Desktop Manufacturing

Tim Klein   |   The Yarn Car

Tinker Camp   |   Making with Everyday Objects

Tool Shed, PDX   |   Welding

Trackers Earth   |   Survival Skills

Twisted Copper   |   Copper Creatures

University of Oregon   |   Shaping Light

Wanderlust Circus   |   The Pneumatophone

Waste Management   |   Plastics Collection

XOBXOB   |   Internet For Things

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